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Looking Forward in 2021  

by Mike Raduazzo, Chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee

So the 2020 election has passed, we have inaugurated a new President, and the world has not come to an end.  Just as was the case in 2017.  While the new administration preaches unity and togetherness, what we are seeing happen over the last few months is far from unifying.  The cancel culture and censorship is running rampant and has even reached our own sleepy little town of Ridgefield.  Beginning in December, Hearst Media (which owns our Ridgefield Press) began applying a new level of “Community Standards” to our GOP Viewpoints and refused to publish both of our December Viewpoints.  Additionally, several individuals have told me that the Press refused to publish their Letters to the Editor for the same reason.  In early January, I was informed by the Ridgefield Press that they would be discontinuing the Viewpoints to allow them to “take the op ed pages in a new direction.”  Let’s see what that means for our hometown newspaper as it appears they have become less local and more regional in the last few editions.


If you are like me and follow what is going on, you continue to see and hear many of our leaders on the left, the Main Stream Media and Big Tech, push an agenda against conservatives and conservative viewpoints.  This is especially true of anyone who has supported, voted for, or was associated in any way with President Trump.  Cancel culture continues to call for the silencing of half of the electorate and, even within the halls of Congress, there are some calling for additional action against those members that supported President Trump.  Cries of defund, de-platform, and deprogram are flippantly thrown around these days.  It is now commonplace to hear political leaders on the left and the MSM call for defunding the police, yet you will never hear them call for defunding Planned Parenthood.  Big Tech and the MSM are all too happy to de-platform conservative forums and influencers, yet they continue to allow their platforms to be used by the Chinese Communist Party, ISIS, and brutal dictators all around the world to spew their hatred for the US and our allies.  These same groups scream that the 75 million individuals that supported President Trump need to be deprogrammed, yet you will never hear them say the same about those following the ideology of Antifa who were still terrorizing the city of Portland even as our new President was being sworn in.  This is a very dangerous path we are moving down which can lead not only to ever increasing division in this country, but the end of our freedom and democracy altogether.

As I look towards 2021, the focus of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee will be to support our local community and shine light on state and national issues that affect all of us. We will fight to maintain local control over our zoning and schools which are being threatened by organizations like Desegregate CT, and legislation in Hartford that will look at ways to regionalize schools even if it is rebranded under new labels. 

We will hold our representatives accountable for legislation that will impose new taxes like the State real estate tax being considered in Hartford.  Of course, we will also continue to support our local police, first responders and frontline workers. Our goal is to unify us with an eye towards what is best for Ridgefield.  Stay tuned for more on all of these efforts in the weeks and months to come. 

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