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Julia London


        I am a mother of two boys, 13 and 11 years old, both of whom are in the Ridgefield Public School system, and an attorney practicing medical malpractice defense with a firm based in White Plains and New York City. Prior to that, I was a prosecutor with the Manhattan DA's office for nearly ten years, where I handled literally thousands of cases from inception to trial.


My husband and I moved to Ridgefield in 2017. My husband grew up just over the New York border in South Salem and moved here for the great community, the excellent school system, and beautiful surroundings. Ridgefield was a great move for us. We've made great friends and love the strong sense of town pride here. In our free time, we seem to live at our boys' lacrosse, football, and basketball games. I am also an avid runner and music lover and try to sneak in seeing a show whenever I can.


We moved to Ridgefield for the schools, and I want to help keep Ridgefield Public Schools the excellent schools they are. To me, that means keeping politics out of the curriculum, with a focus on getting "back to basics" -- reading, writing, math, and science. I believe that values and any discussion of politics should come from home and are a distraction in the classroom. More than anything in my professional background or experience, my status as a current Ridgefield Public School parent qualifies me for the position on the BOE. There is nothing more important to me than my boys' education, so I'm naturally invested in the work of the BOE. Both my husband and I are also the products of an excellent public-school education, and our kids deserve the same.


I believe that my experience as a lawyer and former prosecutor with a thick skin will serve me well on the BOE. I am not afraid to stand up to my adversaries, but I will always do so with respect and decency.



What office are you running for?

What are the main issues facing the Board of Education?

Ridgefield Board of Education

Supporting our students in overcoming any learning loss due to the pandemic and ensuring that the focus in our schools remains on academics. 

Why are you the right candidate for the Board of Education this year?

I have "skin in the game" -- two boys who are in the public school system. My family moved here for the schools and my goal is to make certain they remain the same draw they were for us when we moved here six years ago for future families. 

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I hope to work with our other candidates, Christine and Sean, to create a budget that allocates funds wisely and responsibly. I am also deeply interested in curriculum and hope to work with the members of that committee to ensure that what our students learn in our schools maximizes their potential and chances of success. 

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