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Coronavirus Fear 
by Sean Archanbault


What we know about Covid-19: 


We know that the virus came from China and was developed in the Wuhan Lab, despite CCP denials.  In late 2019 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) stopped flights coming into their country and locked down major areas internally, but allowed Chinese flights out to all the western countries.  Thus began a world-wide pandemic.  They have admitted no responsibility for the virus.


We know that the virus is much more dangerous for the elderly, and people with co-morbidities, than it is for the young.  A recent CDC update stated that of all deaths attributed to COVID only 6% were caused by COVID alone.  For the other 94% there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death on average.  Notice much of the reporting refers to COVID related or Covid associated deaths.


So we now know that the COVID mortality rate is lower than reported.  As of December 2020, the majority of Covid deaths (~65%) were in nursing homes in Connecticut, while most people who get COVID have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.  The current death rates from the virus in Connecticut, according to the CT Dept. of Health statistics, show 9.4% in ages 70-79, 2.9% in ages 60-69, 0.78% in ages 50-59 and continues to decrease with younger age groups.  This data tells us that, indeed, older folks need to be protected, but younger age groups are not at a great risk of death, despite the easy transmission of the disease.  By comparison, in 2018 the risk of dying from an injury was 7.5%.


Yet an online news headline screams “Coronavirus Hospitalizations Up Nearly 20% in Two Weeks.”  This is blatant fear-mongering, no doubt sending many of us into spasms of worry.  Not mentioned is how many of these hospitalizations are Covid related  since we learn further down that Covid deaths are down.


The never-ending fear has had disastrous effects on our society.  Restrictions have closed many businesses permanently; suicides among young people have increased dramatically; children have lost a year of education; heart and cancer treatments have been postponed; economic fallout is still a problem in Connecticut.  Now that people are getting vaccinated, why are we still under restrictions, and why does the fear-mongering continue?


Many of us can see that the edicts forced upon us in CT have been ill advised and do not “follow the science”  as states that haven’t had lockdowns, restrictions, and mask mandates fare as well (or better than) those that have locked down. Last October an approach was presented in the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by over 50,000 medical practitioners and public health scientists and 680,000 concerned citizens.  They advocated protecting those at most risk, sensible recommendations for those considered vulnerable, but allowing those at low risk to live normally. You can read it at  Freedom is not virus dependent.  It is high time Governor Lamont relinquished total control over Connecticut’s citizens and the economic and societal destruction it causes.

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