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Masking Our Children? 

By A Concerned Ridgefield Parent


As I write this I am having a lot of trouble reconciling my thoughts on the dire situation for the children in Ridgefield.  Governor Lamont extended the Emergency Order, not because of the status of Covid-19, but in order to secure further federal funding.  As he considers ordering mask mandates for everyone, including  children,  I find it appalling that people like Lamont, as well as Haskell and Berger-Girvalo, would insist on harming  children for the perceived (but untrue) protection of adults.  Last year we needed to protect the elderly. When is it going to be a good time to start protecting the children?

We are told we must follow the science.  Well, the scientific data do NOT support the efficacy of any mask wearing to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  SARS-CoV-2 has a diameter of 60 to 140 nanometers (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter.) Both medical and non medical facemasks have thread diameters of 55 to 440 micrometers (a micrometer is one millionth of a meter.) So the virus is 1000 times smaller than any virus stopped by a mask, making masks useless.

Earlier this week it was “strongly recommended” that everyone wear masks indoors, a nightmare for our children.  The negative health effects mask-wearing has on our children’s well-being is significant. Several studies reported on Pubmed show continuous mask wearing lowers oxygen levels and raises CO2 levels in the blood above healthy guidelines.  This increases pulse rates and causes changes in breath rates.  The blood oxygen level to the brain is decreased in children, affecting learning.  Headaches can occur.

Adverse skin reactions such as acne have been noted.  Yeast infections in the mouth are seen. Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist, noted that 50% of his mask- wearing patients have been affected with gum inflammation and cavities in previously healthy patients.

Bacterial infections occur around the mouth, in the mouth, and in the lungs.  Mold has been found on masks worn just one day.  Allergies are triggered from masks that collect airborne particles.

Psychologist Dr. Brett Enneking of Riley Children’s Health reports that mask wearing in children prevents them from getting emotional cues from human interaction.  Social attachment is more difficult, often making children more fearful.  Areas of healthy brain development are thereby stunted.

Healthy children are being sacrificed to suffer medically, educationally, and psychologically.  

In Weimar, Germany, a mother of two won her case against the BOE on the basis that "The children are damaged physically, psychologically and educationally and their rights are violated, without any benefit for the children themselves or for third parties."  If the government wants to mandate masks, then the responsibility to demonstrate the necessity is on them, and we must be aware that they are simply unable to do that because there is no significant data to prove it. However, there is an abundance of significant data to validate the negative effects of wearing masks

As we approach the end of summer, note that in 2020 there were 3 covid deaths versus 15 suicides amongst children ages 10 through 19 in Connecticut. Bryan Luizzi, the Superintendent of New Canaan schools stated “If positive trends stabilize or further improve over the summer, we do not anticipate the need to require universal mask wearing in our school buildings in 2021-22.” This is a great example of level-headed leadership that our community needs.  Ridgefield’s Superintendent, Susie Da Silva, has already stated that masks will be required this year in our schools.  While we may feel the sense of security our elected and appointed leaders seem to offer, this does not replace the love, attention, and responsibility that a parent has for their own child’s well-being.


If it takes a village to raise a child, as is famously quoted, then it’s time for Ridgefielders to put their fear aside, get informed and get involved. Instead of vilifying each other for thinking differently, let’s be the strong parents our children need us to be.  Ask questions and demand answers. Document adverse incidents. Educate yourself.  Unite and support like-minded parents. The science of fear is very powerful and many parents don’t know what to think.  But the children are watching.  We must show them that we will stand up to protect their health and well-being.  Parents have the right to decide what is best for their children, and parental rights need to be respected.

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