Misinformation vs Facts

Misinformation on many subjects is rampant in today’s divided America. If it is intentional it serves no purpose other than to further tear down this country.  If it is due to a lack of knowledge, then setting the facts straight should be welcomed and not censored.  Can we agree on this?

The Ridgefield Press of May 12 had an article on the (illegally) leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s consideration of the former decision in Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal in the United States.  State Senator for part of Ridgefield’s new assignment to the 24th district, Julie Kushner states she is “so very angry” at the decision that is pending.  She recalled a friend who had to fly to D.C. to get a legal abortion and worried about women who didn’t have the resources to get to another state. “That’s exactly what we’ve returned to, a time where if you have the resources, you will still have access to free and legal abortion, but if you don’t you won’t have any options.”


Misinformation!  We haven’t returned to anything yet. No other options? Not true.  Every woman can easily access a number of different contraceptives if she doesn’t want to get pregnant, and they are affordable.  If she decides while pregnant that she is unable to care for a child, there are thousands of childless couples who would love to adopt a baby.  And to my knowledge abortion is always warranted if a woman’s physical health is at stake or result of rape.

And our own State Rep. Aimee Berger-Girvalo ran off a cliff with her misstatements and misinformation, accusing the draft opinion author of misogyny, and “appeared to lay a clear path to reversing gay marriage, restricting access to contraception, and to the calculated stripping of numerous other rights.” The draft did no such thing; she is projecting this made-up fantasy for what purpose?  To instill fear in women?


The truth is there is no Constitutional power for the federal government to have authority over abortion. Roe v. Wade was not legally the purview of the former Supreme Court. So what happens if it is overturned? No, not back alley coat hanger abortions. The tenth Amendment tells us that any powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution……are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


So it would be up to the citizens of each state to inform their state legislators of their views on abortion, and the state legislators would enact laws to regulate abortion. We the People have much greater input on the state level than on the federal level….and no input at all to the Supreme Court.  One would think all sides would be pleased to have the issue decided where we have the most input, should the draft opinion become final.


Misstating the situation serves no purpose other than raising hysteria and further inflaming the country.  We deserve better from our elected politicians.


Linda Lavelle