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Alan Pilch

Member, Inland Wetlands Board

I am a 27-year resident of the Town of Ridgefield.  I am a licensed civil engineer in Connecticut and New York and a registered landscape architect with 40 years of professional practice.  Prior to serving on the Inland Wetlands Board for the past 4 years, I served as a member of the Conservation Commission for 11 years.  I also served on the committee to draft new stormwater regulations for the Town.


My professional experience includes the preparation of site and subdivision plans, stormwater management plans (including extensive use of low impact development techniques), and wetland mitigation plans.  In addition, I have considerable experience in the preparation of environmental impact statements and environmental assessment.


My professional experience in the preparation of plans and in environmental assessment enables me to have the expertise to read through projects that are submitted to the Town.  Our wetlands regulations require that prudent and feasible alternatives which might have a less detrimental effect on the wetlands or watercourses be considered.  As a member of the Inland Wetlands Board, I have been able to use my professional experience assess the impacts to wetlands, watercourses and the aquifers which provide our potable water and to recommend to applicants alternatives that will better protect our natural resources.

What office are you running for?

Ridgefield Inland Wetlands Board

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