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Christine More

Retired Teacher

        I have been a resident of this beautiful community for 18 years.  I am the proud mom of a 16 year old boy, Kevin, who is currently Junior at RHS. He plays hockey and golf and keeps me pretty busy!  He has been a student in the RPS since Kindergarten, attending Scotland School and SRMS and now RHS.  My husband and I love Ridgefield, and moved here in 2005 from Westchester, eager to settle down and start a family.  The schools drew us here, along with the sense of community and beautiful open space.


I am a recently retired public-school teacher with 26 years experience in the classroom.  I taught special education in the Tarrytown Public Schools, primarily at the elementary level, with most of my experience in grades 4 and 5.  Children have always been my passion, and making a difference in their lives, my purpose. COVID provided an unforeseen opportunity for me to retire earlier than originally planned. I am grateful to be home with my son after many years of being a full-time working mom, but I am now looking for ways to help children in my own community.  

Favorite hobby or activity: I love to read and write. I enjoy reiki and meditation, and going for walks with our dog, Lucy. 

What office are you running for?

What are the main issues facing the Board of Education?

Ridgefield Board of Education

I firmly believe that the main focus of our BoE should be on our children.  Politics has no place in education - and this is something that I have successfully practiced in my own classroom for 25+ years.  I hope to bring this personal experience to the Board and work collaboratively with the other Board members to ensure the focus remains on our kids and supporting their needs. Our children continue to face unprecedented challenges post pandemic, including academic learning loss, as well as social/emotional struggles.  I look forward to finding creative ways to ensure that all children feel loved, safe and supported. I believe that my teaching experience will offer a first hand perspective to the conversation about how we can best support our children in this post pandemic world.  

Why are you the right candidate for the Board of Education this year?

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Running for a seat on the Ridgefield Board of Education feels like a natural step for me. I am hoping to bring my passion and my many years of experience in the classroom to the Board in order to help support our children. 

I hope to collaborate with the current BOE members, as well as Dr. DaSilva and her admin team, to ensure that all policies and curriculum are focused on best supporting our children and teachers.

I would like to help to create a fiscally responsible budget that focuses on supporting our children and teachers.

I believe having a member on the BOE with first-hand experience in the classroom will be an asset to this governing body, providing a first-hand teaching perspective to the conversation.

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