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Michael Stenko
Zoning Board of Appeals - Alternate

My wife Patricia and I have lived in Ridgefield for over 20 years. I am an engineer; my company manufacturers materials for the repair of bridges, tunnels and airports worldwide. My hobbies are woodworking and racing cars.

What office are you running for?

What are the main issues facing the Zoning Appeals Board?

Making sure applications meet the regulations, are in line with the town development plan and do not negatively impact the neighborhood.

Zoning Board of Appeals - Alternate

Why are you the right candidate for the ZBA this year?

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

This would be my third term on the Board and I have experience hearing a variety of applications.

To continue to uphold the compliance with town Zoning regulations, while at the same time try to be fair to applicants that are affected by rezoning requirements which sometimes make any construction impossible.

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