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Christopher Molyneaux
Planning and Zoning

I moved to Ridgefield after I graduated from law school in 1991.  I raised two children, Patrick (26) and Erin (24).  I coached youth football, baseball and basketball in town, even after my children aged out from participating.  I have also taught Confirmation at St. Mary's since 1991, Finally, I have been practicing law in Ridgefield since 1993.

What office are you running for?

What are the main issues facing Planning and Zoning?

Why are you the right candidate for P&Z this year?

Planning and Zoning Board

Clearly, the primary issue facing is 8-30g, the Connecticut General Statute (CGS) defining affordable housing requirements in towns like Ridgefield

As a lawyer, I understand statutes and the various types of arguments that are used to drive interpretations in different ways.  As I represent both buyers and sellers of real estate in town, I'm able to understand the various concerns and perspectives on this issue

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I'd like to find a fairer way of implementing CGS 8-30g within Ridgefield.

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