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John Frey
Police Commission

My family moved to Ridgefield in 1965 when I was two years old, attending Veterans Park and graduating RHS in 1981.   I am a real estate broker since 1987, and working with my neighbors with their housing needs has been a thoroughly enjoyable career.  I currently live on Wilton Road West in a c1753 home with my two dogs Coach and Buddy.


I was fortunate to have served Ridgefield in the CT State House of Representatives for 22 years (1999-2021).  The local agency I had perhaps the most interaction with was the Police Commission/Department -- primarily because they also serve as the local traffic authority, in addition to collaborating on legislative matters.

Prior volunteering experience include past president of the Ridgefield Theatre Barn and the Ridgefield Community Center (Lounsbury House), board member of Ridgefield RVNA, Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce, Ridgefield Arts Council, advisory member for Meals on Wheels, and  past chairman of Ridgefield Parking Authority and CT Real Estate Commission.  Currently I’m a member of the national Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

What office are you running for?

What are the main issues facing the Police Commission?

Police Commission

Traffic has got to be at the top of the list. While state representative, I frequently worked with the police department (under four police chiefs) to improve traffic conditions, whether adding crosswalks to Main Street, a crosswalk signal at CVS, signage on Route 35, widening of Route 7, a traffic signal at Laurel Ridge/Regency -- I'm acutely aware of the issues we face.  I am hopeful that the upcoming Main Street improvements will assist in increasing traffic flow.  I am able to use my Hartford contacts to the benefit of Ridgefield residents.


Fully training personnel and implementing the new body and vehicle camera's the town has purchased has been launched exceedingly well and has been integrated into the training policy procedures. Providing the necessary tools to responsibly and professionally carry out the department's mission is important and these cameras are a welcome addition

Why are you the right candidate for the Police Commission this year?

I have worked closely with the department for the past 22 years as state representative, and have served on the police commission since being appointed to fill a vacancy in April.  I have known all six police chiefs in the department’s history, and worked with four during my tenure at the Capitol. In Hartford, I served on many committees, including the ranking member of the Transportation Bonding Committee, the Public Safety Committee and Legislative Management -- which had oversight over the State Capitol Police Force.  I have deep contacts which I can draw upon.  I am used to playing a leadership role in weather related incidences -- often with power outages.   In 2012 I completed FEMA's Emergency Management Institute's Emergency Management for Senior Officials. In 2017 I was recognized as a Legislator of the Year by the CT Police Chief’s Association.  In each of my eleven campaigns, I was endorsed by the CT State Police Union, the Ridgefield Police Union and the Professional Firefighters Union.  

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

What draws me to the Police Commission is their history of professional non-partisan leadership. The most pressing issue is the construction of a public safety building to replace the antiquated fire and police headquarters -- each over 100 years old.  While a significant town expenditure, it is long overdue and must address not only the public safety needs of today, but for the next 50+ years. Do it once, do it right. Doing everything to maintain Ridgefield as the state’s safest community is mission one.


My hope is to serve with Marcie Coffin and Patrick Walsh to help maintain Ridgefield's broad reputation as Connecticut's safest community.

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