To succeed in our mission we must provide qualified candidates for all public offices (elected & appointed) who believe in and can articulate to the community our mission.

2022 Candidates for
Connecticut Statewide Offices

Bob Stefanowski for Governor

Bob’s financial expertise is exactly what Connecticut needs to root out waste, fraud and abuse, and make sure every dollar that is paid by taxpayers is spent with respect for the hard work that went into earning it. 

Leora Levy for United States Senator

Leora is committed to leading the fight for freedom in this country because she has seen what happens when you lose it.


Dominic Rapini for Secretary of State

I have the skills and insight necessary to bring Connecticut’s elections to new levels of trust and efficiency. My goal is to create a system of elections that will be the gold standard of the American Electoral process. 

Harry Arora for State Treasurer

​If elected, I will ensure that our debt is used prudently, and a high level of due diligence is performed before one single penny is spent from the Treasury. I will focus on asset allocation and returns on our pension investments. I will put an end to excessive fees being paid by the state for subpar returns.

Mary Fay for State Comptroller

Restoring integrity, tightening financial controls, increasing efficiency and improving
accuracy of reporting and forecasting will be my priorities

Jessica Kordas for Attorney General

I am seeking the office of Attorney General of Connecticut because it is time to stand up and demand that the government, and the state’s largest law firm, works for the people. The office of the Attorney General, and the government, must no longer be a platform for self-interested politicians