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Stavros Natsopoulos
Board of Education

My family and I moved to Ridgefield in 2016 and while we have no relatives nearby, we are very appreciative of having made great friends in this wonderful community. 


My professional background is in Human Resources management with a specific focus on rewards in a variety of industries and markets, domestic as well as international.

Reflecting back to my family’s situation five years ago, in the middle of moving across state lines, the reputation of Ridgefield’s public school system was probably the most important factor that influenced our move to this lovely area of Connecticut.  I am a proud father of a boy and girl, aged 7 and 5, and I am eager to play a role in a Board of Ed that is committed to high standards of education for all Ridgefield students. 

As far as interests I very much enjoy history and economics and when time permits, I try to spend time outdoors with my family and friends, especially in nature. 

What office are you running for?

What are the main issues facing the Board of Education?

Why are you the right candidate for <Board> this year?

Board of Education

As I mentioned above, our schools are possibly the top reason that makes this town so attractive to families.  While our schools are already ranked highly today, I believe there is still room for improvement.  My motivation to run for BOE is really the desire to leave politics out of education and focus instead on the curriculum of our schools.  We must also find ways to equip our children with knowledge that helps them appreciate hard realities of life and how to deal with them. 


Another issue is the in-person return to schools, and while we have made progress in that front, I really want us to stay the course and return to normal as soon as possible.  Finally, we would have to reevaluate our school system finances and ensure parents understand how their tax dollars are spent.

I would rephrase the question to “if the students could vote, why would they vote for you”?  My response is that maybe there are better candidates out there than me, whether they are running for election or chose not to get involved.  But I have stepped forward and I want them to know I will fight unapologetically for their right to high standard education. 


I also want them to know that every civil opinion matters, and no one should feel ashamed to express their thoughts or debate an issue.  That holds true for both students and parents.  I deal with data and metrics at work every day, and while numbers are up to interpretation, dealing with them has enabled me to think critically and to ask questions about everything.  Answers may not come easily, and will require input from various sources, but it all starts with a good question.  I believe this is key when the topic is our children’s education. 


Finally, I am partial to Special Education due to personal circumstances and I want to ensure we are doing the best we can in this area as well.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Not one Board of Ed member can accomplish much without team effort and contribution.  Perhaps one area I would like to help change is to take politics out of education.  I also want the Board to listen to the parents’ concerns and let them play a role in their children’s education.  Most things around education are best left to the educators, but some should be left to the parents too.  In conclusion, I want us to maintain educational quality, improve it where we can and, finally  assure tax-paying parents we don’t take their children’s schooling lightly.

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